Zenit will not qualify for the Champions League playoffs even after two wins

November 27th. Zenit - Lyon "Leipzig""Benfica"

December 10th. Benfica - Zenit, Lyon - Leipzig

Future games "Zenith"

Even if Zenit wins the remaining two matches and scores 10 points, they will most likely advance from the group. With this outcome, the blue-white-blues will lose the playoffs only if Leipzig concedes to Lyon and shares the points with Benfica. All three leaders will have 10 points, only if the team Sergei Semak will still be the last in additional indicators, that is, in personal meetings.

If Zenit scores four points in the remaining games, it will not fly out of the Champions League

The first game should end with a victory over Lyon and a draw with Benfica, provided that Leipzig does not lose to the French. Only in this case, the Petersburgers will be ahead of Lyon either by 1 point or in personal meetings.

Zenit should finish the second game with a draw with Lyon (preferably 0:0, since with a score of 1:1 the goal difference will be considered, and any other result will make Rudi Garcia's team a favorite in a face-to-face confrontation). In addition, a victory over Benfica is necessary, but then Leipzig must win against the French.

Three points in the remaining matches against Leon will take Zenit to the next stage. At the same time, Leipzig should win two victories.