Football betting online

If you are into football, turn your passion into money. Hundreds of betting sites place thousands of bets daily. For many, this is fun, convenient and profitable. Here are the basics of football betting.

Betting Basics

The stakes are based on the same logic as centuries ago. Each bet assumes that two sides are in opposite positions in the same event. Online, the bookmaker is your opponent.

First you choose an option, i.e. the outcome of the event you are betting on, such as "Team A beats Team B". Then you pay the bet to the bookmaker. After the event, if your prediction came true, you are paid a reward according to the odds. The result includes your bet and profit. Otherwise, your bet will be lost.

Football betting types

Most people who bet on football only use two types of bets. These are point spreads and totals. However, it is worth learning about other options − read here .

Point scatter

Suppose the bookmaker offers the following conditions for a match between Team A and Team B: "Point spread -2.5 for team A and +2.5 for team B". What does it mean?

In essence, the bookmaker creates a handicap to ensure an equal betting offer. Whatever the outcome, 2.5 points are deducted from Team A's final score. Meanwhile, Team B will receive 2.5 points. This means that Team A will need to win at least 4 points if you bet on them. If you bet on opponents, you can still succeed if they lose by 2 points or less.


These rates are the easiest to understand. The bookmaker announces the expected total for both sides' points. In football, it is calculated in multiples of 0.25. For example, in the previous example, the total could be 2.25 or 2.82.

Then you need to decide whether to bet on over or under. The total score (number of goals) of both teams in the first case must be 3 or more. Your bid is divided into two parts: 50 {d2e 977,135 fde 58396 d3bf 52,423,716 d4fe9b 82 c6aae 66925 a 256483 d3b4de7bd0} is placed on the "More than 2" and 75 {d2e 977,135 fde 58396 d3bf 52,423,716 d4fe9b 82 c6aae 66925 a 256483 d3b4de7bd0} in the "More 2 ,five". If the result is 2, you lose the second half and get the first half back (Over 2). If you win (total 3 goals or more), both bets win.

Learn the art of betting

To be successful in the long run, you must be good at the game. There are several types of bets and the system can be confusing for a beginner. Find out more about favorable rates on our website.

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