Pin Up login and registration through TsUPIS

The first and most important rule of legal pin up Bet bookmaker - register through TsUPIS wallet. This is quite easy to do: you only need a few minutes. At the same time, errors and inaccuracies during registration are unacceptable. Therefore, we have prepared a detailed guide on how to go through Pin Up login and registration so that you can place bets without any difficulties.

Pin Up registration is available to players on the official website, mirror or mobile version of the bookmaker. Registration is completely safe - your personal dataare under reliable protection.

What is a TSUPIS wallet?

As we have already said, TsUPIS is an intermediary between the user of the official site and the bookmaker itself. There are two such bodies, they are different, although they perform similar functions: the first TsUPIS and TsUPIS Qiwi. Any legal bookmaker is obliged to work in Russia through TsUPIS. These are mandatory conditions. Players pay taxes on their winnings when necessary. In fact, the bookmaker that cooperates with TsUPIS is very beneficial for the bettor, because in disputable situations (if any) the regulatory body will be able to protect the interests of the player and his money. However, in the case of Pin Up Bet, this is not necessary, because there is not a single proven case of fraud on the part of the bookmaker.

However, you must create your TSUPIS wallet and verify it.

TsUPIS registration takes place in Pin Up through a popular and well-known payment system Kiwi (QIWI). Registration is required only once. If you already have a created QIWI wallet and have verified it, then you can immediately start placing bets online. If not, then let's tell you how to verify your TSUPIS wallet in Pin Up Bet.

You must complete one of the following steps to verify your identity:

  • Register via public services: it is very fast and - most importantly - reliable way.
  • Contact any Euroset office to have your wallet processed there.
  • Use the video link with the TSUPIS support service to create your identified account.

Why Choose Legal Pin Up Bet

There are many advantages of legal bookmakers. First of all, it is, of course, safety and reliability. In addition, you need to use the site for Pin Up bets for the following reasons:

  • The payment of the deposit in Pin Up Bet is carried out instantly, literally in one click. You will not need to constantly enter the card number. To do this, you have already passed registration and verification.
  • All payments are received instantly and without delay.
  • No fees at Pinup bet.
  • You can place bets both from a computer, using the Pin Up official website, and through your phone.
  • The withdrawal of winnings in the legal Pinup bet is carried out instantlyYou don't have to wait for bank approval.

Pin-up Bet is very careful about its reputation, so any difficulties and problems with bets and withdrawals are extremely rare.

Pin Up registration online on the site

The Pin up Bet bookmaker is a legal establishment in our country. Registering and logging into your account is absolutely safe for you as a player. You can make deposits and receive your money completely legally.

How to register in Pin Up Bet?

So, in order to bet on sports online, you need to have a personal account and a game account. Creating a PinUp account is very easy. But for this you need to have a verified account in Qiwi TsUPIS (see above). This is a requirement of a legal bookmaker in Russia.

If you already have a TsUPIS wallet, then you need to register exactly through the phone number to which this wallet is linked. We have prepared a small guide for you, how to pass pin up registration:

  • Go to a legal pin up site. This can also be done through the mobile site or work mirror.
  • Click the "Register" button at the top of the official website.
  • You need to enter your phone number (exactly the one to which TsUPIS is linked).
  • An SMS with a confirmation code will be sent to this number - enter this code in a special window.
  • Enter a valid email address.
  • Click "Register".
pin up entry
Pin Up login and registration

Make sure you check the box that you are over 18 years old and have read the rules of Pin Up sports betting.

What to do if SMS code is not received

You must check that you entered the correct mobile phone number when registering Pin Up Bet. If the number is correct, but the SMS did not arrive after more than 3 minutes, we advise you to restart your phone. If in this case there is no result, then try rearranging your SIM card to another mobile device, if you have such an opportunity.

If even now the SMS code has not arrived, we recommend that you contact the Pin Up Bet support service at 8 (800) 222-77-88.

How to get verified in Pin Up Bet

Why do you need verification (identification) of your account in Pin Up bookmaker? This is an important safety requirement. It is done in order to know exactly what you are betting, making a deposit and withdrawing your money. Verification (or confirmation) is the main requirement of a legal Pin Up Bet bookmaker.

In order to bet and bet on sports, you must have a verified account - without this, you will not receive your winnings, even if you win a million rubles on a pinup bet. Without identification, legal betting companies have no right to accept bets and pay out winnings.

In Pin Up Bet, identification is complete and initial.

The initial (simplified) identification has a limitation in 60 000 ₽ for one transaction and for all financial transactions (account replenishment and payment of winnings) per month.

With full identification, you will have no restrictions on transactions.

pin up entry
Identification in Pin Up Bet TSUPIS

So, to verify your account you need:

  1. Sign in Pin Up to the site or through a working mirror for today.
  2. go to your personal account in the Identification section.
  3. Choose your citizenship - Russian or foreign.
  4. Select an account verification method.

Let's look at how to pass both types of identification on the Pin-up Bet official website.

Initial identification

  • upload a passport photo (main page and with a residence permit) and take a selfie with a passport;
  • register through the website of the State Service;
  • enter your passport details manually.

Complete identification

To obtain full identification, visit an office convenient for you, informing the operator in the office that you wish to receive the QIWI Wallet Identification service (to the mobile phone number you are registered with on our website). You must have the following documents (originals) with you.

If you have a verified TSUPIS wallet, then your personal presence for verification is not required.

Pin up mobile login

After registering with the Pin-Up Bet bookmaker, you can bet and bet legally and without restrictions. To do this, you need to perform a Pin Up login to your account on the official website of the bookmaker or in its mobile version.

Pin Up bets in a legal bookmaker can also be made in the mobile version on your phone. Alas, you cannot download the pin up application. But this is not required, since you can simply launch the Pin up bet site in your mobile browser. It's even more convenient and safer than downloading and installing an app.